What unites us is that we live in a galaxy built by workers. I write about them.

I was born in 2915 to a family that would have been called middle-class if the crisis of corporate economics had not rendered the term irrelevant. While studying journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences in my university on Reisse, I involved myself in student activism, taking part in protests against profit interests in academia and sharing pamphlets and classic works on political theory among fellow students.

During my graduation I ended up reporting on workers and their conditions in Stanton system, a symbol of corporate exploitation across the UEE, and was introduced to two of the most prominent revolutionary groups operating there. Following the graduation I joined their ranks to experience the life of a guerrilla in the den of the four megacorp beasts running the system. This taught me valuable lessons on both the necessity of the struggle and how organisations should – and sometimes should not – be run.

After going back to non-affiliate status in 2951, I used my education and professional passion to found Conscientious Mag, an outlet for articles about politics and class in the Empire, private organisations operating against the interests of workers and the public, and groups championing the causes of labour and direct democracy. The same topics are now continued on this blog, where I also detail my own experiences while covering them.

In my free time, I like to practise hobbies including drawing urban landscapes, socialising in the Free and Open-Source Software community, trainspotting, reading nonfiction literature and collecting records of music artists.

My background:

2936: BA in Journalism

2943: MA in Media

2944: Internship at Reisse-based magazines – opinion writer, reporter

2944-2947: Student investigative/documentary media platform – researcher

2949-2951: Membership in left-wing organisations Red and Black Coalition, Free People’s Union

2951: Union of Conscientious Reporters – Founder; Conscientious Mag – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, opinion writer

2952-present: Red Hammer Manifesto personal blog

Get in touch:

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Email: ssd.8bo21@slmail.me
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